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30 March 2019 | Bourse/Beurs - Brussels

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Thank you / Dank u / Merci!

What an incredible honour to spend this day with you all. Creating a space where every women has a voice to share their stories, experience, thoughts and vision on creating a Brussels inclusive from their perspective...and so much more. 

It is with great pleasure that we share with you some of our analysis of the W100 experience so far. We have brought together the main outcomes of the day and feedback from the participants gathered through a survey. We really hope that you will enjoy reading some of the amazing stories and feeling some of the positive energy from W100 in this report.

Thank you / Dank u / Merci to everyone who joined and supported us to make Saturday possible. Now the work begins! 

#W100 #Women100 #WomenBridgingBrussels

Thank you to Karema for the wonderful photos, and to our young filmmakers Ana Maria & Fatima-Zohra as well as Paulina from the European Activism Incubator for the video!



Women100 (W100) is a community of diverse women from all corners of Brussels who wish to connect and amplify the voices and actions of women in Brussels.

We love our city and believe that its exceptional diversity is its strength in the 21st Century. We aspire to build bridges and break down barriers between women across Brussels. We aim to create a space that brings together women who are changemakers from different fields from all communes to imagine a powerful common vision and solutions for how we can co-create a Brussels that celebrates all communities, ages, origins, nationalities, languages, and abilities.

To achieve this, we organized a day with 100 inspiring women in order to develop a vision for a more inclusive city of Brussels at La Bourse. The aim is to connect and generate ideas to co-create the future city.

The event was facilitated using methodologies that create space for participants to connect with one another in authentic dialogue.

The all day event took place at La Bourse in Brussels on 30 March 2019. Watch this space for next steps and future W100’s!

  • Meeting on 07.10.19

  • Next meeting - 19 Oct 2019!

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W100: Brussels for Women <-> Women for Brussels

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"W100 started as a dream we had two years ago - to break down barriers, come together and not only acknowledge, but celebrate Brussels' diversity and women. Already in our team we have created new bonds, friendships and initiatives - it's thrilling to imagine what will happen with 100 women! And next, 1000? Together we can co-create a Brussels where everyone will thrive."