Our Charter


These are the common values which underpin our joint actions:

  • Diversity

  • Autonomy

  • Respect

  • Love

  • Solidarity

  • Inclusion

  • Resilience

Brussels for Women
Women for Brussels

Who are we?

We are a community of diverse women from all corners of Brussels who wish to connect and amplify the voices and actions of women in Brussels.

We love our city of Brussels, and believe that its exceptional diversity is its key strength as a city in the 21st Century. Yet we recognise that there are divides between the different people living in the city.

We believe that women can provide one channel to share perspectives and build common understanding.  Therefore, we aspire to build bridges and break down barriers between women from all corners of Brussels. We aim to create opportunities to bring women together to shape a powerful common vision for living better together in a diverse Brussels across Communes, communities, ages, languages…


To create a powerful common vision with women by women for women for how to all live better together in a diverse Brussels. 


  1. We aspire to be a community which builds bridges and breaks down barriers between women from all corners of Brussels. This is a citizen’s initiative that also includes those that are not citizens: European and non European; immigrant, expatriate; Bruxelloises and non-Bruxelloises.

  2. We will work to connect and amplify existing initiatives by and for women, and existing initiatives to promote citizens’ participation (including non-citizens…) explicitly amplifying the voices of women as a vector for positive energy and change for the city.

  3. We will work to ensure the inclusion of women who are resident in Brussels in all their diversity: cultural, linguistic; age; commune; socio-economic group; citizenship status, care responsibilities.

  4. We choose to consciously celebrate the diversity of Brussels; identifying the barriers that exist to the full participation of all women in our work, and acting to eliminate the barriers to ensure all our processes are accessible to all women. In practice this will mean FOR EXAMPLE: ensuring translation and interpretation; ensuring dialogue, meetings and online are accessible; providing child care and an environment that is welcoming of children.  

  5. We will develop participatory methodologies both offline and online that support dialogue, listening, interaction and mutual understanding

  6. We will endeavour to put the wellbeing of all women who participate at the heart of our actions. This means we will promote a culture and environment of empathy, kindness, care and fun to ensure that participating in this process is itself an opportunity to build confidence, trust and learning, where all women feel heard.

  7. We will be politically, financially and institutionally independent. This means that we will not accept patronage, financial or institutional support from political parties.

  8. We are run on a voluntary basis by women for women.

  9. We work over the long term to build a powerful women’s voice, amplifying the work done by others across civil society to have a positive impact on the politics and life of the region.

  10. We will be a listening and learning community, which learns from others important work and which develops and builds from its own actions over the long term.

  11. We aim to have a positive impact on the lives of women in Brussels.

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